pardon the dust

we're relocating


so proud

i may have sat in front of my computer all night, but the only time i loaded up WoW was for an auction house scan. what was i doing? ....you'll see... edit: HAW! turns out i couldn't have played all night, even if i wanted to. the login servers are down. ah well, it's still a moral victory :)


newsgator will change your life

so friday night...or was that saturday afternoon...i think it was saturday afternoon... so sometime this weekend, hans and i were having a discussion about another friend's website (friend T), and how since friend J has basically given up posting there for lent, there's a lot less reason to visit it. friend J's scathing wit is one of the main reasons to visit what is basically a bunch of random people (all connected to T somehow) talking about whatever comes to mind. sort of like a group chat that doesn't get you in trouble if your internet usage is being monitored at work. the catch is that you only get to chat with whoever's feeling chatty that day. no J means T's site is going to be less interesting, which i think even the chatters that don't particularly care for J would agree with (see: scathing wit). hans' response when i bemoaned the fact that without T's site, i don't know what to do with my internet breaks, was to point out that he gets all of his internet via RSS. this is something i do at home, but because of the previously mentioned restrictions on my at-work usage. even if *i* wasn't looking at the feeds more than once every few hours, the illegally-installed aggregator would be pinging sites all over the place, looking for new content, to say nothing of the feeds i look at that are from sites blocked by my company's self-created "net-nanny" (ex: penny arcade is blocked because it's a comic about games... i can understand blocking sites that feature flash games, but blocking sites that are about video games is a bit silly. blocking a comic that's occasionally about games is an extra level of annoyance). "why don't you just use newsgator?" queried hans. it turns out that newsgator is a web-based aggregator (get it? gator) of RSS feeds, that does all the aggregating off-line (i.e: my computer's not the one hitting 100 sites. it will only hit the links i follow), AND syncs with the NetNewsWire software i have installed on my computer at home (currently in beta). another problem i had was that when my computer went to sleep during the day, i'd miss some of the day's posts (particularly on a busy site like urbanstl.com). newsgator fixes that for me. it does its thing, and then when i get home NNW asks newsgator what it missed and then it gets it. it is very, very nice. most of my rss reading is just browsing the headlines and making sweeping "all read" marks across subscriptions, and now i can do it at work! the sick thing, which i expect will fade, is that i can't say away from T's site. i have feed that tells me what (if anything) happened there as well as any and everywhere else i might want to know about, and i still felt the itch. i'm hoping that'll fade.