was it not enough to have a head full of grey hair before i'm 26? apparently, the answer is no. i do not have a broken toe. i do not have a hairline fracture, what i *do* have is arthritis, or the beginnings of it in my right foot. my freaky "one is 9 3/4 sized and one is 9 1/4 sized" feet. turns out that that, coupled with wearing women's shoes has caused a stress point to develop in my foot that if not attended by a podiatrist will turn into a knee and hip problem as well. more importantly than that, it means NO MORE HEELS. as if didn't have enough "fun" trying to get my freaky "only shoes with adjustable straps/buckles/ties across the top, please" feet into shoes. i walk so much better when i'm in heels, but apparently that walk is putting too much stress on one of my toe joints (and by too much i mean "all" which, yeah, is too much) so no more heels, or heels on special/painful occasions. grrrrrr you know that scene in every sitcom where the neurotic character goes to the doctor and the doctor is so awed by something that s/he brings in other doctors to look at it? that happened to me today. the nurse practitioner called in my real doctor for a second opinion and when the real doctor started talking about my problem (she knows only because she has it too) they turned me around so they could look at how my feet/ankles line up. apparently something is really impressively off with the way i stand, because there was awe. i should be happy. i get to go shoe shopping.


At 7/11/2005 04:16:00 PM, Blogger kelly said...

using the magic of two mirrors at once, i looked at the back of my legs while i was standing up straight.

i don't know why my ankles still work. i am a freak.

At 7/12/2005 07:19:00 AM, Anonymous will said...

only freaks are allowed in the club. we thought you were like baby jack jack. we knew you were special but didn't know what your power was.

we're so proud!


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