quasi spoilers

in the comments of this post lie vague references to harry potter and the half-blood prince. minor talking around the plot, but no specific names or anything. much more emotional response-y.


At 7/19/2005 10:20:00 AM, Blogger kelly said...

so that crossroads...

k. not so much a crossroads, as a fundamental potential redefinition of a character...or was it?

i'm not even sure which way i even *want* her to go with that. i mean, on the one hand, a nice “happy ending” ending seems so trite, but if it's truely-true, then that pretty much alters the entire series, and i just don't see that happening. i mean, sure, it's partly my fault for over-empathizing with the character in question, but that's only cause she wanted me to, and that's a crap-tastic thing to do to her intended audience of 11 year old children. if i knew, like with joss, that however she was going to resolve it, that it was going to be the *right* way, i'd be much less distressed.

i do not believe anything in this book should be taken at face value, but that's contingent on the fact that she is a good author. is she? she's certainly extremely creative, and as individual books, she can weave a twisty, interesting tale, but this is different.

i doubt the ending with be...full of reconciliations, but i really can't see how it can be as dark as the face-value of this book wants me to believe.

dear god, i'm not sure i'm gonna be able to stomach the next movie, now that i think about it. or any of them until it's all resolved-like.

you know how i feel? i feel like i did after spike tried to rape buffy.

At 8/03/2005 09:24:00 AM, Anonymous will said...

I finished the book a couple nights ago, I really enjoyed it. I really didn't expect the ending even though I realized after the fact that it was hinting towards that particular finally throughout.

g and i have been trading theories on what will happen in the final book.

as to your concern about trusting jkr, i'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt as she's already entertained me through six great books. that's better than lucas could do...

At 8/03/2005 09:24:00 AM, Anonymous will said...

er, finale, not finally.


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