this is what i'm talking about

in a desperate attempt to "post something almost every day if i can help it." i present the following instant-messaged conversation. it is a symptom of why i must get the f*sk out of here. me(13:51:57): how long is unit testing? like a whole month, right? her(13:55:45): ?? her(13:55:49): not sure sorry her(13:55:54): **** may know me(13:56:07): isn't it your job to know now? me(13:56:10): :D her(13:56:30): actually no. It wasn't as an architect nor PM. me(13:56:52): i'm sorry, the project manager doesn't maintain the project timeline? her(13:56:59): It's not an Express milestone so the project PM and development lead are the ones that care her(13:57:16): I'm not PM of that project... ^^^^ is. me(13:57:46): your new job gets easier every time i ask you a question ;) names have been erased to feign anonymity. PM==project manager


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