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-- of all time there's been some talk amongst friends late about what makes a movie a favorite, and after i compiled my list of "current" favorite movies, i got all nostalgic for the flicks i used to love, but moved beyond as i/they aged. so here they are, starting from earliest memories and progressing in as close a chronological order as i could remember (many over-lap because they were loved for different reasons) from when i first fell. as much as i enjoy the fact that i'm a geeky not-girly girl, my favorite movies reveal me for the romantic girly-sap i really am. pete's dragon - i don't actually remember loving this one, but my mother says i watched it all the time when i was a tiny tot. (we had a vcr when i was only 2 (1979) because my father is one of those early-adopter never upgraders. they didn't upgrade until i graduated high school.) i think i went through a similarly intense love affair with mary poppins but there is no proof. ~~there is a gap of about 8 years that i cannot account for. i blame cable.~~ princess bride - this one has withstood the test of time better than any others (it's still 2nd overall). i know i fell in love with it at a sleep-over at my cousins, so i couldn't have been in high school, and probably not even junior high. i've got it so memorized that it's still impossible to watch without lip-syncing along with the characters throughout most of it. you don't get that space back, you know. once you've committed an entire movie to memory, it stays with you. you loose bits and pieces, but it's pretty much there. mannequin (hangs head in shame) - another one i've (still) got memorized freakishly well. i don't know how i loved this movie so much when i didn't really understand 3/4 of the sexual innuendo (hollywood was gay?!), but oh my god how i loved this thing. i think it was the idea of running around a mall playing with all the clothes and stuff. plus andrew mcarthy was so dreamy. little mermaid - seriously, what girl who loved to sing didn't love this movie? it hit when i was in junior high, and our eight-grade chorus concert featured 3 songs (i know choreography to "under the sea"--FEAR ME!). one of my mother's "unforgivable sins" was not buying this (or possibly even not letting me buy it?) because cartoons were for little kids. fortunately, the soundtrack kept my dream alive (it was in the first batch of CD's i bought). when harry met sally - this movie is almost single-handedly responsible for my inability to keep a boy friend during high school (and early college), not because billy crystal was right and men and woman couldn't be friends, but because i wanted that last scene to happen to me so very, very badly that i crushed impossibly hard on every friend i started to develop. sadly, i also used this movie to comfort myself when things started going sour (where had i gone wrong?), so it sort of built on itself. i had no idea this was the problem until way too late to do anything about it. school ties - i used to watch this every day after school my senior year (by this time i had my own vcr in bedroom). i went so OCD on it that i knew what the vcr counter numbers were for my favorite parts. i could watch "the whole thing" in about 20 minutes. this was a very dark time to be me, and this was one of the things that kept me from walking off the edge on a daily basis. silly, i know, but i still think it's a good flick. it's also why i don't like matt damon (i'm sure he's crushed). (side note: the photo on imdb, which i'm assuming is the latest dvd cover has ben affleck on it. he has like one line, and is part of the nameless ensemble.) breakfast at tiffanys - for a while i was in an audrey phase (working at a video store is very handy), but this one stuck with me longer than any other film, perhaps because it so perfectly captured the image of audrey hepburn that i loved, complete with a final sudden-confession ending that topped harry and sally (the cat! the rain!). it's the movie i'd like to say is my favorite of all time, but for unknown reasons, it didn't make the current top 10. all favoriteness has been replaced by nostalgia. sense and sensibility - the current favorite, and has been for quite some time. i don't watch it as obsessively as i have with others, but i've been known to pop it in my computer just to have entertaining background noise, and then i loose an hour waiting until just after "the next good part". it is easy for a flick to make me cry sad-tears. it's a little more challenging for tears of happy, but the last scene in this movie, when emma thompson's character starts stammering and then breaks down into these sobs that almost choke her i will sob right along with her every single time. i don't even have to watch the rest of the (highly enjoyable) film to trigger it. i'm tearing up now by simply recalling the scene to type it up. it's not just that scene though. it's the whole thing. it's enough of an ensemble (much like the book) that it hits on all the classic romance points. and the costumes are pretty. and the people are pretty. and that's all the all-time favorites i could recall, besides a few minor crushes on movies i watched and watched and watched (and would watch again) for the boys in them like robin hood: prince of thieves and young guns 2.


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