as if i needed another reason.

i got my official invitation to my 10 year class reunion last night. it's a dinner/dance at the same place we had prom. i'm sure someone thinks it's all nostalgic and grand (and indeed, one of the coordinators had her wedding reception there as well), but for me? ugh. prom night was easily the worst night of my high school career. it was the stuff that angsty teen melodramas shy away from. the only things preventing it from being a real-life version of carrie were that nobody was being deliberately malicious and that i'm not telekinetic. cuz if i were...oh man would that have been a really bad scene. also, no pigs blood. anyway, i'm not in the mood to rehash all that drama so i'll spare you. and that's exactly my point. for $90 (for just the tickets) i could recreate that night with my husband and add the awkwardness of "who were you again?" "sorry, i didn't recognize you under the 70lbs you've put on since graduation" "hey, remember that time you did something hideously embarrassing and i'm assuming you're ready to laugh about it, but actually you've just repressed it so far deep inside you that you can't even come up with an example for your web log?" no. thank. you. i mean, i wasn't going anyway, so it's no big loss. i might have considered if it was going to be another meet and greet where we just rented out some restaurant and chatted for a few hours like the 5 year was (or so i'm told--i didn't go to that one, either), but i'm really, really not in the mood for prom 2005. i'm an anti-social pessimist who doesn't let go of old pain easily. what can you do?


At 8/05/2005 11:52:00 AM, Anonymous will said...

i missed my 10 year reunion because of a wedding scheduled the same weekend. i wish i had been able to make it, but i also didn't go to prom.

At 8/07/2005 12:12:00 AM, Blogger boinky said...

ten year reunion? Don't let it get you down...just remember that you are a world famous blogger, and they are nothing.
(BTW Will, I "missed" my prom too-- we geeks spent it at a bowling alley instead. )
Ah, but in the long run, the toast of the teenaged world tends to crash. They think life is a breeze, and don't know what to do with adversity or when hard work is needed...
Take it from a grandmom...Revenge is a dish served best cold...and living well is the best revengs.

and don't go to reunions: Go to alternative reunions with only your best friends.


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