bathrooms - day 1

originally i had thought to break this up by bathroom, but bathrooms are hard to photograph and since it's getting gutted to the studs, reference pictures really don't help much, so i'm just gonna go day by day so you can see the whole process. ryan came home midday and took a few shots. the guy works so fast that we would have missed some of the "good stuff" other wise. let's start here, shall we? i was as surprised as you are to discover there used to be a window in this room. it makes sense, sure. this used to be the back wall of the house, but it was still a shock. this picture still makes very little sense because it's so not a bathroom. it was taken from the doorway, looking at where the tub used to be. you can see on the side the tub plumbing and some of the tile as a frame of reference on the bottom of the picture. speaking of the tile. it turns out that 55 year old floor isn't always in the best condition, especially in bathrooms where it's exposed to leaking plumbing. the original plan was for dalco to strip the floor down to the subfloor and build up from there. well, that subfloor is rotten crap and flat-out missing in places. it went bye bye for a nominal extra fee. i never got to see it. by the time i came home, it was while k/lyle was tearing through the walls, he discovered a few other fun things. the wall that looks ripped up in this picture is the kitchen wall, not the bathroom wall. the fridge (above) was a gaping hole in our kitchen that we knew about. we got the fridge with the house, so we didn't find it until we pulled the fridge out to re-tile the kitche floor, but at least it wasn't a complete surprise. the hole in the back of the cabinet under the kitchen sink? that was new. it's actually kind of useful, as you can see. you need some way to get into the plumbing for both the bathroom and the kitchen that doesn't involve remodeling one or the other, and hiding the holes in the dark where nobody can detect them isn't a bad way to go. still, it's a little surreal to be standing where the bathroom goes and see the kitchen. sure did freak the cats out. and here's what everything looked like by the time i got home. new tub, new subfloor. all good. this was all done by one guy. in about 7.5 hours. he's a machine. to cap the day off i offer you a study in contrast. one is the pile of bathroom debris that's going to collect on our driveway before being hauled off on the last day. the other is the pile of fixtures/tile/supplies that will slowly whittle away in our back room while he works on both bathrooms. can't wait to get home and see what it looks like today!


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