bathrooms - day 2

quick! before the grapefruity flavored wine goes to my head! WALLS! i came home and the bathroom had walls again! greenboard (and some whiteboard on the ceiling, very far wall) was every where. this man is a machine!!!!!! what's this? it's where the sink's gonna go, plus a shiny new switch on the wall. the switch is actually 3 switches in one. 1 for the overhead light, one for the overhead fan and one for the vanity light. it's gonna be so bright in there, you're gonna have to wear shades! seriously, though, they had to put a fan up there, so why not put a light up there, too? speaking of up there... this is up there. the base of the light/fan is dangling from the ceiling and is the new source of light in the room. the ceiling is the only place where the original wall was not removed. covering it with new drywall instead of taking down the old stuff eliminated any issues with old insulation, which would have been a messy pain in the behind. and lastly, the trash pile. not much bigger. just a bit of greenboard scrap. doah! i almost forgot this one! muka never ever sits right there. i think she's making sure nobody goes in and messes with it.


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