bathrooms - day 3

we got home to find our new sink/vanity blocking the entrance to the bathroom. why is that? because we can't go in the bathroom. why is that? because there's floor! just the tile, no grout yet. i guess that happens tomorrow. anyway, we can't go in there right now. muka managed to sneak past the sink at one point to check it out, but as fat as she is, i don't think that'll make much of a difference. also, the marble is up on the tub, as well as all the shower related fixtures: i'm a bit worried about how the brushed silver stuff is going to look with the beige-y neutral tile/marble, but it's kinda too late to worry about that now. we'll make it work. :) i totally won a conversation ryan and i had last night about whether they would install the vanity and cut around it for the tile, or install the tile and then just set the vanity on top of it. he got all gloaty and smug about it last night and i told him i didn't care. today i did a little dance. just, you know, cuz i could. tomorrow he's going to trash the master bath, this will become our bathroom within the next 24 hours. kinda scary considering that there's no toilet in here and we can't walk on the floor and you know, there's stuff in the tub. parting shots: trashpile got full of boxes from the stuffpile.


At 9/29/2005 07:29:00 AM, Blogger kelly said...

update after our conversation this morning: there will be grout and a useable toilet and a useable tub (he made a point earlier to distinguish between bath vs. shower, so i think that's key) by the time he's done today. there may be a working sink. we may be brushing our teeth in the kitchen.

there will not be a door. there's a door in the house, but it's for the other bathroom. so...depending on what happens on friday, it should be a interesting weekend. fortunately, that bathroom is at the end of a windy hallway, so the odds of someone walking by are slim. nobody goes down that hall right now unless their heading to the bathroom. maybe we can use one of the tension shower rods to put a curtain in the hall for a bit more privacy.


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