hall bath - day 0

so i had a lovely tour of the hall bathroom pre-demo all written out for you, but safari ate it before i could get blogger to save it for you. i blame myself for composing in a browser, but with the abundance of pictures, it was just easier that way. i could have recreated it then, but i was tired, and it would not have been witty in the least. it probably won't be witty now, but at least it gets a fighting chance. so, without further ado...

Hall Bathroom - Day 0

i can explain about the green paint. not well, but i can explain. when we moved in, we did a considerable amount of painting in the front of the house. the boy's bedroom we toned down from a freakishly bright blue (think "toy story" sheets) to a nice subdued color. the girls room (which had been "disney princess pink) we put this pretty nifty textured job with a few different shades of green. this bathroom was next on our list, but it got ignored. later (like maybe a year?) i did some touch-up work in the pink-now-green room (they turned a window into a bookshelf but never finished/painted the wood they used) and when i was cleaning out the brushes i thought "i bet this bathroom would look good with that green color." so i put some of the left-over paint on the walls to see. i was pretty right, but we decided to pick out a really-real floor (and you can see why in the next shot) first, incase we couldn't find a floor that went well with the green. then there was the issue with what to do about the tile border that had been liquid-nailed to the plaster...so the plan stagnated until right about now. oh. and the light is like that because about 3 days ago the bulb burnt out and we didn't feel like putting the glass back up. cuz really, why bother when the whole thing's coming down in a couple of days? lovely floor, ain't it? the picture doesn't really do the cheapness of it justice. granted, we've got peel and stick tile in the kitchen now (because poor choices/execution abound in this house and we fixed that one) but the stuff in this bathroom looked bad. plus it was ripped in one corner. by now you're probably wondering why the border separates two white walls? well, the top is the original plaster, and the bottom is dry erase board stuck (let's assume liquid nails. they owned stock in that company or something) to the plaster. it's thin enough that in places you can still see the texture. high quality. if you look closely at the tile right by the shower insert, you can see that they didn't truly cap it off like they should have. they just glued tile on it and the wall. it's not flush, they move. in the corner they just didn't bother cutting a piece. or maybe it fell off because the insert and the wall were so far away they couldn't get it to stick. regardless, it's classy with a capital K. since moving in we've replaced the handles on the shower faucet at least once (the actual face of it is stripped so bad nothing will stay attached) and that little "make it a shower" pull as well. there's a trick to turning on/off the shower and getting it in that sweet spot where you have most of the water coming out the head. it's a great thing. did i mention that there's no seal between the tub and the shower insert? no? well, there's not. it's not such a big deal in this bathroom since there's tile behind the insert that is sealed to the tub. that's...less true in the other bath, but that's a different tour.


At 9/27/2005 04:07:00 PM, Anonymous ryan said...

wow, it doesn't look so bad in the pictures. if only we could *use* it from a distance too. well, it's a moot point now.


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