Landscaping Complete

I cannot say enough good things about Bluff View Nursery. You've seen the day by day shots, so you already know how fast and clean the crew worked. I can say that they don't have a website for me to point you to, sadly. If you live near enough to Defiance, MO for him to consider you part of his area (and suburbs on the otherside of the Mississippi apparently count), you should seriously consider giving Mark Wiemann (636.798.2565) a call. He's extremely amiable and clearly, clearly knows what he's doing. One of the things he focused on was making sure we had color/interest in all four seasons. As you can see with the cool yellowish leaves and the bright red berries, he's certainly got autumn down. When we went to visit his nursery he took us around and showed us each plant/tree remarking on what it looked like in all four seasons. So yeah, go there. Give him money. Let him make your house look like the coolest one on the block. Worth. It. Here's a shot along the west side. The tall tree in the middle is an "upright arborviatae," flanked on either side by spirea (I think they have little purple flowers in the spring, and the leaves are yeller in spring/fall), and then two blue hollies. They'll look leafier when they're not so full of berries. At the far end (at the front) is a dwarf lilac. Here you can see the same dwarf lilac (he looks a little sickly, but I bet he perks up next spring), another blue holly and a japanese maple to replace the one we had to take down. This one has niftly leaves and should hopefully grow up more tree-like than the last one. Around it are some liriope, which also flower in the spring. No need to plant anything ever again! On either side of the front steps are albert spruce(s). On to the east side! Alberta spruce, followed by a blue holly. The bush with the one pink flower is a knockout rose. I hear they're all the rage nowadays: lots of flowers, low maintenance. We told Mark we didn't want any "painful" plants (you know those evergreens made of needles, or those spikey red leaved things?) but he told us this one would be worth the minor pain so we let it go. You can just make out the crab tree against the neighbor's yard, and around it are 3 boxwoods. The cluster of dwarf grass was the thing we were most worried about, since that entire area used to be made of overgrown weeds, but Mark was again right. It really softens the place up, and from the front, disguises a utility box. The shot below this one gives you the same stuff from a different angle. Our final stop on this "tour of the pretties" is the east side of the house. Starting again from the center (gotta love the symmetry) is a foster holly. It's about the same size/shape as the arborviatae on the opposite side, and yet, not the same tree. It's flanked by spirea, but instead of blue holly, he used boxwoods. and now onto the less pretty, but no less impressive work they did. Remember that side shot i kept taking? It's now turned into a love stepping-stone path (instead of overgrown junk that lead to a pit of run-off dirt/mud, complete with it's own blue holly (that didn't make the picture). everwhere you see exposed ground, it used to be overgrown weeds and stuff. Yes, we obviously need to clean off the siding, but before we couldn't even get to it. They also cleared away the "intentional" stuff along the edge that covered up the fact that the foundation of the garage is crap, so you can actually walk through there, past the pretty stepping stone without getting attacked by weeds and/or poison ivy. Yet another place where they cut back some crap landscaping from the original owners. We could have put something there, but we decided against it. Grass is good. this is the final cleanup spot. The landscaping used to go up the length of the house, but we decided to cut it back to around the only tree we saved from the original landscaping. The mimosa provides some quality shade for that back room, and it wasn't threatening the foundation like the others were. They even left a few hostas which they liberated from the overgrowth. And incase you're wondering where all those crap-tastic rocks that *used to* line the landscaping went, wonder no longer :) So there you have it! My house is soooooo pretty now :)


At 9/25/2005 08:18:00 PM, Anonymous will said...

i really like the new landscaping and can't wait to see it in person. sweet action!


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