our house gets a makeover

so here's how this is going to go. a wonderful landscaping firm is overhauling our yard this week. i'm taking pictures every day from four different perspectives. i think the most impactful way to appreciate the magnitude (and the speed) of their undertaking is to post them so you can see the same shot from day to day (vs all 4 sunday shots, all 4 monday shots etc etc), so that's what the next 4 posts are. i'll update them when we get new pix. rss feed won't tell you it's happened, so you'll have to check back on the site yourself :) before you go screaming about the lack of trees on day 2 (it's pretty shocking) keep in mind that those trees were growing dangerously close to the house and had to come down for the good of the foundation. i wanted to save the pretty japanese maple in the front, but it was pointed out that without the birch next to it (that had to go), it would look really odd. and they were right. anyway, assuming blogger doesn't freak out (i've never added pictures before) that's what we're doing. if i have to i'll do it the old fashioned way and make my own html pages. sigh. that would be sooo tedious ;)


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