project 2 - the bathrooms

no, we did not suddenly win the lottery. we just finally got our butts in gear over things we'd been planning/wanting to take care of for a couple of years now. we are officially in the pre-conception "get shit done we won't be able to afford to do later" phase of baby-making. so, onto project 2: the bathrooms. we got a couple of quotes for the bathroom work, but dalco finally won out. please, no comments with dalco horror stories or "why did you pay so much when you could have ya ya ya'd" things. it's too late, and posting them will only make you feel better. no, we're not unhappy with dalco, we just got a bit of that from people (you know who you are) when we shelled out hella cash to replace the 50 year old windows in our house. anyway, why the bathrooms? well, as you'll see in the pre-demo pictures, they needed it, hella bad. the hall bath is 54ish years old, and had been "upgraded" by the previous owners. these same owners put an addition on the house that included a back room, master bedroom and master bath. the front bath isn't in too bad a shape, but the patchwork solutions they put in, including super crappy tile and "dry-erase board as wall" will not make it another 5ish years when we want to sell. the back bath? oh man, we'll get to that when we get there. so anyway, mr. dalco man (i think his name is kyle..maybe lyle) will be here for the next week plus to do the bathrooms. there will be some minor over-lap between the two (when work on the hall bath gets slow enough that he can take some time in the front) but we will never be without a potty and a bathing place (may just be a bathtub one night), and that's a pretty good deal, if you ask me. enjoy the pictures of the transformation. they'll be on the side menu as well.


At 9/26/2005 08:04:00 PM, Blogger Jimski said...

I have no quarrel with you using dalco; you chose your landscapers, and that obviously turned out great.

I may have to take issue with two consecutive uses of "hella" in a single post, though.


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