bathroom setbacks

painting a bathroom can be hazardous to both your physical and mental heath. during coat 4 (while in a particularly awkward and stressful position to pain behind the toilet), something in my back snapped and made the rest of the paint job pretty challenging. ryan offered to finish up for me, but i declined. he hates painting and i wasn't in too much pain. two weeks later, i'm still in “not too much” pain. it's dull, it only gets aggravated when i'm sitting down and/or leaning forward (like say, at a computer screen) or when i'm actively challenging it (like say, painting) but those sorts of things rarely happen...for less than 9 or 10 hours a day. it is less than fun. if it's still bothering me after this next weekend (where i will be in chicago, doing less desk/chair sitting) there will be a doctor visit. it's not a ruptured or slipped anything, i don't think. i would expect much more pain and some bizarre leg feelings were that the case. it's just my back, between the shoulder blades until i put too much stress on the rest of my back and i start getting lower back pain. heating pads either take the pain away, or distract me from it, so i'm a fan. i tried ice because someone suggested that it's inflamed and taking away all the heat might soothe it. it worked great during, but once my back started warming up, there was twitching and spasming. heat doesn't give me that, so i sit with a pad between me and my chair for pretty much the whole day/night now, shifting it up or down depending on where the pain is the brightest. but not too big of a deal right? we've only got one more bathroom to paint, right? wrong again. there were some novice mistakes made during my painting blitz. tape needs to come up almost immediately after painting or not used at all. i left the same tape on the walls for all 4 coats, over a 5 day period. bad. lots of paint and primer coming off the drywall. even when it's cut, it's not sealed, which is badder for bathrooms than normal. also, after spending all that money on the bathrooms and then paint and supplies, we decided to save a couple of bucks (literally, i think it was like $2.50) by buying the cheaper disposable rollers. cheaper, full of loose fuzz rollers. which got all over the walls and ceiling, making the paint job look super-duper crappy. the fact that neither one of us liked the color we picked suddenly didn't matter any more. the whole place had to be sanded down and painted again anyway. feeling crappy for doing the crappy job, and knowing that ryan is not a fan of the painting, i bit off a bit more sanding than i could chew. he was, after all, responsible for all the edge trimming/tape removal stuff since there's no way my back was gonna let that fly. that probably pushed my back-healing back a bit, so we decided to take it easy. after all, we hadn't picked out a new color yet...or a shower curtain that didn't suck... time started to creep away from us, and it was looking like this was going to be another project that got away from us and was hastily finished later. considering the amount of money we spent to get the bathrooms this far, this was more frustrating than usual. we're expecting a house guest next week, who might appreciate having someplace to wash up, so we started pressing on with the re-paint this week. being physically restricted from fixing it added greatly to my stress, because nagging is not something i want to ever engage in, but ryan's pretty much on his own right now. i did the easy work of using the rollers. it didn't take long (and only hurt a little) so i tried my hand at edging. it hurt too much to do, and the pain was adding to my frustration so i quit before i threw a bahia green colored temper-tantrum all over the bathroom. ryan spent the rest of the night painstakingly getting new-coat 1 on the walls. tonight we'll do coat 2 and a coat on the ceiling. tomorrow we'll assemble, just in time to leave for the weekend. this could be going smoother, really. oh! and we have not even begun work on the master bath, because we’re waiting on a vanity resolution. it’s just untreated drywall, still.


At 10/23/2005 03:24:00 PM, Anonymous will said...

this guest must be really special to warrant all that attention.

i bought paint yesterday for an impending visit from lots of family that we didn't know were coming until 3 days ago. i also went to home depot to check on the viability of renting a paint sprayer vs buying one. you can only rent the professional model at about $70 a day. you can buy a consumer sprayer for about $60. the one i want though is $200, $150 on ebay. we have a lot to paint so i'm awaiting the return of the spouse to discuss budgets.


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