bathrooms - day 6

two pictures really say it all for the dramatic differences in the master bath. the tub is gone and is now all shower. we've got a minor issue with the vanity--it's not the one we thought we picked out. the glass in the catalogue looked simply frosted, not etched like "grandma glass." this was disappointing, but dalco's being very accommodating. ryan's picking up a catalogue from dalco tomorrow and we'll pick out a new one. if it's fancier, we'll have to pay the difference, but other than that, they're taking care of it. that's more than i would have expected. and that's it for a few days. we're going to prime and pick out paint and paint within the next couple of weeks. we also need to pick up some accessories (towel bars, etc). when it's all done, i'll take (hella) more pictures so you can see it all polished up. :)


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