so i finally sat down and wrote some. i had another 3 or more hours today that i could have used, but i just didn't. i was struggling with trying to get to the interesting parts (the parts i want to write) but i didn't want to skip. it didn't help that we saw pride and prejudice last night. i wanted to turn it into a regency romance and dress them up in pretty clothes and rework the whole thing. but it wouldn't work. so i sat and stared at it for a while until i found something interesting. and then i wrote that. and when i looked up it was 2 am. i almost reached the wpd goal at the beginning of the month. it actually wasn't that hard, and only took about 3 hours. i should really set aside more time and get caught up. it could happen. maybe mont 50k, but possibly 30 by end of month. we shall see. (oh, and i'm counting all these words for 11/12, even though it's technically 11/13. i didn't stop and do a wordcount at midnight) total words: 5288 words "behind": 14,714 wpd needed to reach goal: 2484 (initial wpd was 1666)


At 11/13/2005 08:46:00 AM, Anonymous ryan said...

You've already written a longer story than I could've... good luck on the rest :-)


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