november: a month in review

well, nanowrimo was not the success i had wanted it to be. i realized early on that the level of commitment necessary to actually pull off 50k words in 30 days was not something i could deliver on. it means 2-3 hours per day of serious writing, with larger sessions on the weekends. everyone was more supportive of that than i was. i don't know why playing videogames or sitting in front of my computer for 2-3 hours every night (and generally wasting that time) makes me feel less guilty than spending that time writing, but it really does. maybe because when i write, it's my own little world and you're not invited and leave me alone, but when i'm playing games or watching tv, there's still a chance for socializing. we'd get invited to hang out with friends and i'd feel guilty even considering wanting to stay home and write, so i didn't. that having been said, even when i knew early on i wasn't going to make the goal, i kept going. i had a day where i trashed the whole thing (day 6ish, maybe) but then i picked it back up. i kept writing on the same story, forsaking all others, all month long. that is new for me. knowing i was going to "fail" but continuing to move forward is not something i do. this is the first year i've stuck with my nanowrimo story throughout all 30 days and i hit 12,686 words before it was all over. go me. also in november, i saw a few movies. pride and prejudice could have been better. harry potter and the goblet of fire could have been much, much better. walk the line was very long, but also very good. just friends (didn't see that one coming, didja?) was pretty much what you'd expect. if they swapped all the anna farris screen time with more ryan reynolds being ryan reynolds, it'd have been much better. thanksgiving break was both the high and low point of the month. we took our yearly trip to chicago/milwaukee to fest with ryan's side of the family. it's hard to put those 48 hours into succinct words without coming off as disrespectful or unemotional, however. ... i keep trying, but nothing comes out quite right. lots of bad things happened/continue to happen to that side of my family, but we still celebrate thanksgiving with gusto, and i'm not just talking about the obscene amounts of tasty food. there's just so much love there. every visit to chicago makes me feel less and less like "ryan's wife" and more just one of the bunch. yeah, can't really talk about friday. ryan's grandfather (other side of the family) died unexpectedly and his funeral was friday. it was so similar to events surrounding my own grandfather's death and funeral a few years ago that i pretty much stayed numb the entire day, cuz excessive feelings are bad. so um...moving away from that stuff... that's pretty much my month. i picked up that trial version of worlds of warcraft and as much as i've enjoyed playing it, i'm not sure what's gonna happen when my time is up. right now when i get that random rpg itch (maybe about 10 days/month in 2-3 day batches) i play dialbo 2. WoW is more enjoyable than d2, mostly because it's newer and prettier, but seriously, is it really worth it?


At 12/01/2005 09:54:00 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

WoW is worth it if you want to get sucked into a great big void of gaming. I do this from time to time and it doesn't hurt too much. In fact it is quite pleasurable.


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