Yet another WoW-related post

so i piqued hans' and ryan's curiosity enough that they picked up trial passes as well. i grabbed another trial to play along (cuz the full version won't arrive until 12/22 at the earliest). to play together as newbies, we started out in the dwarf/gnome area. we logged 4+ hours in a very chaotic round where ryan shot things with his gun, hans hung out while he and his minion got mauled by beasties more often than anything else, and i tried to figure out how a rogue worked (which basically involved running back and forth to get in range of the beastie that kept travelling between hans and ryan and not hitting it). i miss CoH's grouping option which let you see all the quests of all team members. in WoW, if you're near enough to your teammates, you can see how many have the same quests as you, but you can't see their quests. makes plotting a course difficult, even when you're all in the same room. anyway, even after hans took kristan home, ryan and i were still interested in playing, so we fired up a couple of human rogues (because by the end of the round, we were both curious about the class). psychiatrists would have much to say about the fact that our characters look like sisters and have almost the exact same name. playing with the two rogues was great fun, though. i'm not sure it would work as smoothly if we weren't in the same room, or had some sort of teamspeak ability to talk to each other. the next night, i decided that what our group of 3 really needed was a tank. someone to stand in front of the beastie and say "pay attention to me!!" so i built a warrior. a teeny little princess-leia bun wearing gnome girl warrior. she is cuter than cute, but it's hard to take her seriously, since she's a foot and a half tall: she will totally poke you in the calf with her sword, though!! adding to the funny is the warrior's use of "rage" as mana. basically, the more damage you do/have done to you, the madder you get, and you channel that anger into special attacks and abilities. my favorite (so far) is this giant thunder clap of a sound that freaks out all nearby enemies and weakens them. the animation of this teeny bit stomping a giant hole in the ground is tew funny. she has this very bubbly, polite powerpuff-girl sounding (not the mean, green one) voice. so when she tells me she doesn't have enough rage to complete my request, she's almost apologetic about it. unfortunately, user rage cannot translate to toon rage. i was still running back and forth between ryan and hans with the warrior, and since the beasties wouldn't pay attention to me, her rage wasn't building nearly as fast as mine :)


At 12/13/2005 07:22:00 AM, Blogger kelly said...

"Hey! I recall some ranged attacks doing serious damage... even if I treat my minions as disposable."

i did not mean to imply that you were not useful. you and your pet kept getting mauled specifically because the beasties thought you were the greatest threat.

last night i hotkey'd the auto-follow button. i think that'll help me chase the b*stards down...if we ever play again.

At 12/19/2005 11:25:00 AM, Anonymous will said...

i require content.

At 12/19/2005 11:45:00 AM, Blogger kelly said...

i was wondering if i was going to get one of these, too.

i have content, i'm just playing too much WoW to share it ;)

At 12/30/2005 04:28:00 AM, Anonymous will said...

so i'm checking in from thailand, reading up on all my friends' goings on via their blogs, only to find out that their lives have been lost to me via a video game.

if you play wow to the same extent of coh, it will fall by the wayside, just like coh did. perhaps if you break up the wow with some posts?

just sayin...


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