messed up dreams

so for the past two nights, i've had virtually the same dream. i am walking to someplace to shop with a small pet (a specific pet, mind you, not just "a pet"). i must look after this pet, knowing it's going to be a difficult thing to do, thanks to all the distractions/people that the shopping place affords. in the first dream, i realize this is an impossible task, and take the steps to go home, but struggle with the pet while wandering around the shopping area until i wake up. in the second dream, the pet gets away from me, and i spend the rest of the dream chasing the pet down through the shopping area. i eventually found her...i think. tuesday night it was my cat dexter and was in the loop/central west end area. in the second dream it's a friend's daschund (pixel) and she slips into a generic department store...one with multiple floors and a revolving door. there were little dogs everywhere, almost like i was playing "where's pixel" instead of "where's waldo." going theories are: stressing about my new "job" as team lead (which i've had for all of 2 days) and stressing about babies (started reading "eating well while you're expecting at night...2 nights ago ;) both animals certainly are baby-sized, and i ended up carrying dexter around the bulk of the dream the first night. although that might just be because i don't walk cats with a leash. how weird is that?


that's gloomy

so if you haven't been aware of this, 2006 has been dubbed the year of the baby. if i'm not preggers or babied by 1/2007, it will not be for lack of trying. the baby-making doesn't officially start for another month or so, but in preparation i have started taking prenatals every day, paying closer attention to my ovulation, making greener choices in my diet, and telling myself every day that tomorrow is the day i start weaning myself off of caffeine. last night was another preparation milestone. my hair is the color of murky lake water. when preggers, you are not allowed to dye your hair. the chemicals in the hair dye seep into your scalp and can cause a miscarriage. no fooling. for someone like me, who hates her natural hair color and dyes it about every 4-5 weeks (it grows like a weed even when i'm not taking prenatals or any other vitamin), this is pretty traumatic. my children will not hear "i was in labor with you for 3 days." it will be "i had to give up sushi and cheese, and dying my hair for 10 months thanks to you!" so why the murky lake water, color? it turns out they don't make "so dark and ash blond it looks grey with 40% real-grey" hair coloring. i checked. i tried a few years ago to find a hair dye that was my natural color so i could grow out the dyed stuff and chop it off, but much to my dismay, i found that the hair growing out was made of grey. once it became apparent that no dye matched my color (even without the grey) i abandoned that quest and started making it a color i liked (light reddish blond with non-red highlights). last night, the closest i could find was "dark natural blonde" which it turns out is murky lake water. the really, really depressing part is that while it's considerably closer to my natural color that what i had on it before, it's still richer and more interesting that what's going to manifest in the coming months. little stephie better appreciate this.


very funny

best blonde joke in quite a long time, if possibly, ever i promise to update for real sometime later



in my company's most recent cost cutting efforts, mail will be delivered to a single place on our floor (each floor has about 120 employees), and sorted by sets of 5 rows (40 people). not by a single row (8 people), and certainly not by individual address (1 people). also, if i want to mail something (inter-company or really-real), i have to take it down to the lobby on my way out the building. i could take it down at any time, but it's only going to get picked up at 4:30pm, so why bother? am i spoiled to want my own mailbox, in a stack of mailboxes that's relatively near where i work? i don't even need my name on it, since apparently looking up names on boxes was wasting too much time and they went to "by address, screw if the person moved" a few months back. is the cost-savings of getting rid of maybe 3 of 10 mail clerks going to balance out the time wasted by about 4000 salaried employees?