in my company's most recent cost cutting efforts, mail will be delivered to a single place on our floor (each floor has about 120 employees), and sorted by sets of 5 rows (40 people). not by a single row (8 people), and certainly not by individual address (1 people). also, if i want to mail something (inter-company or really-real), i have to take it down to the lobby on my way out the building. i could take it down at any time, but it's only going to get picked up at 4:30pm, so why bother? am i spoiled to want my own mailbox, in a stack of mailboxes that's relatively near where i work? i don't even need my name on it, since apparently looking up names on boxes was wasting too much time and they went to "by address, screw if the person moved" a few months back. is the cost-savings of getting rid of maybe 3 of 10 mail clerks going to balance out the time wasted by about 4000 salaried employees?


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